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AXiA XL - SBR12N2TF Series

SBR12N2TF Series

Bigger reach Efficient stacking
  • Stacker | Stand-in with telescopic forks
  • 1,2 ton
  • 24 Volt
  • AC-drift

Stand-in stackers are an ideal choice when looking to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse space. Combining minimal dimensions, a tight turning circle, and excellent operator protection, they offer an affordable and flexible alternative to a full VNA solution. AXiA XL models all feature telescopic forks for flexible and versatile use, from handling longer loads to working with double deep racking setups.

With double deep stacking, four pallets can be stored between each pair of aisles, allowing for a much more optimal use of space. Storage cost per square meter is reduced by up to 17% and the number of pallet locations increases by 25–30%.

And standing is the most efficient position for an operator from a working point of view, easily allowing them to frequently step on and off throughout a shift. There is ample space to work while still offering excellent all-round protection while working, and by being entirely within the truck they are better protected against collisions. This working position also makes all-around visibility much better.

Modell Kapacitet
SBR12N2TF 1200 kg